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 After coaching an Under 5 soccer team from their 4v4 recreational roots all the way to two seasons at the competitive U19 tournament and college showcase level, JT understands the need for athletes to start earlier and work harder at the college process. 

Coaches, directors, and families should gradually prepare their college soccer prospects for the flurry of activity that occurs in high school. Recognizing that each player and club has different needs, JT consults with club directors to create a program to manage the multifaceted college search for their student athletes. 



Directors & Coaches Education Session (High School Aged Coaches)

  • Discuss how coaches and directors can help guide the college process with their players, families, teams, and club.


Program Wide Presentation (All Players & Families)

  • The nuts and bolts of the college process for student athletes. Where can I play? How do I get recruited? What do I need to be doing on the academic side to get there?

Presentation Fees:

  •  $250  - Virtual

  •  $350-500  - In Person (Location Dependent)


Coach's & Director's Pathway Session (All Players & Families)

  • Highlight the different pathways of coaches, directors, and staff in your club so that players/families get to know them and can reach out for specific guidance based on their experiences.


Team Specific Sessions (Academic & Athletic for High School Aged)

  • First Year Intro Session – Pre-Game Preparation     

  • Sophomore Session – Game Plan: Be Your Own Agent

  • Junior Session(s) – Juggling: Keeping All the Balls in the Air

  • Senior Session – The 80th Minute


"Wearing the Sweatshirt" Session

  • Facilitate live case studies using players/parents from your club who have gone off to play in college and can explain their process and answer questions.


"Extra Time" Session

  • Advising Under-served Players (free of charge-club provides interpreter, if necessary)


Private Consultations

  • Players/Families who want more college coaching can hire JT to provide an individualized plan.

Individual Fees:

  •  $200/hr 

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