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 SERVICES: $200/hr 

JT works hourly with her clients so she can tailor the process to meet each family’s specific needs. While some student athletes want guidance mapping out the entire process, others are already communicating with college coaches and seek advice on highlight videos, official visits, and a wide range of other topics below. After most meetings, JT sends a RECAP with a personalized TO DO LIST so parents are in the loop even if they cannot make the meeting. When the checklist is complete, or questions arise, athletes contact JT for the next steps. Billing is sent after each meeting. Flexible and personal, JT’s services are designed to provide individual support no matter where athletes are in in the process. 

How do I achieve my athletic goals?

  • Team/club/high school

  • Trainings: team, personal, private 

  • Student of the Game – watching video, highlights, of yourself and others.

  • Conversations with Your Coaches/Feedback about Potential Level of Play

  • Managing the Mental Game

  • What are you doing to improve when you’re not with your team and/or coach?

What should I be doing on the academic side?

  • Course Selection & GPA

  • Activities List & Resume

  • Demonstrating Academic Interest

  • Virtual Tours

  • Areas of Interest/Majors

  • Recommendations

  • Standardized Testing

  • High School Counselor

Where can I play?

  • DI, DII, DIII, NAIA, Community College, College Club

  • List Building – Academic & Athletic Fit

  • Researching Programs, Coaches, Teams & Rosters

  • NCAA Membership Map

How do I get recruited?

  • Demonstrating Athletic Interest

  • Athletic Profile

  • Prospective Athlete Questionnaires

  • Social Media 

  • Contacting Coaches – Email, Text, DMs, Calls & Zooms

  • Highlight Video 

  • Tournaments/Meets

  • ID Camps/Combines

  • Building Relationships with Coaches

  • Official & Unofficial Visits

  • NCAA Eligibility & Recruiting Rules

  • Offers & Commitments

  • Athletic Scholarships

  • Walk On/Preferred Walk On

How do I get admitted?

  • Timelines

  • Pre-Read Admissions Packet

  • Early Decision & Early Decision

  • Supported Applications

  • Testing, Application & Essay 

  • Recommendations/References 

  • Likely Letters

  • National Letter of Intent

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